What Went Wrong with Rafael Nadal Hair Transplant Procedure?

There is a good chance that you might have been hearing buzz over the Rafael Nadal hair transplant issue. What perked up the interest of many is that there are assertions and assumptions that the procedure was an utter failure, hence, requiring to get another hair transplanting process to rectify the previous one.

The point of contention about the whole thing is whether the hair transplantation procedure done on him was successful or not, to which some people don’t have any way of knowing. 

In case you are not familiar with the man, Nadal is a Spanish professional tennis player. Right now, he holds the title of being the world’s No. 2 when it comes to men’s singles tennis, as per the Association of Tennis Professionals.

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The case of nadal hair transplant in review.

Back in 2016, in a desperate attempt to revive his thinning hair density, Nadal made a well-thought-out decision to go through a hair transplant procedure. Spanish papers report that the whole hair implantation program is a grueling 10-hour Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE procedure. The whole thing was performed on him by a team of hair transplantation specialists in a clinic in Madrid.  

The procedure had the doctors transplant on his scalp 4,500 live hair follicles. In order to sedate the skin surrounding the scalp, this team of doctors had to administer local anesthetic for this purpose. 

In general, the success of a hair transplant procedure can be seen in full swing 18 months after. But in the case of Nadal, things were taking a different direction. The success of his hair transplant progression became very visible right after 6 months. Obviously, the Grand Slam champion’s mane looked visibly denser or thicker immediately after the procedure was done on him. 

The looming question everyone had in mind after news on the Web circulated that Nadal had another round of hair implantation procedure in 2018 is that the previous invasive hair loss treatment performed on him was an utter failure. 

Word has it that the second hair transplantation is necessary to rectify the previous procedure done on him. This supposition came to surface after the general public learned that he is still losing significant amounts of hair. 

Why There is a Need for a Second Hair Transplant Procedure? 

While it is not our main objective here to validate whether Nadal submitted himself to the second round of hair transplantation or not, our goal here is to educate everyone else about the possible underlying reasons why it became necessary. It should be noted, however, that Nadal and his camp neither denied nor confirmed the same.

From the word of a hair transplant procedure specialist, he said that Rafael Nadal is at his prime, young and because of that there is a high possibility that he could continue losing his hair.  

But the thing is, he will only lose his natural hair. The transplanted hair will not fall off, reason being they are taken off from the occipital area of the head. This explains the reason why he would be needing another round of hair transplant surgery, to replenish the natural hair that has been falling off his head but not the transplanted hair growth. 

However, some people believe  that he might have considered the use of antiandrogen products before to help him veer away from undergoing the secondary hair transplant in 2018. This part, though, we’d never be able to know anything any further.  

How Much Did Nadal Pay for the Hair Transplantation Procedure? 

Compared to other hair loss treatment or transplant procedures out there, FUE is way more expensive. As a matter of fact, some hair transplant clinics out there will be charging you twice as much. 

There are unconfirmed reports that Nadal shelled out a hefty amount of £7,700 for the 4,500 transplanted follicles to his head, from the top of his scalp to back and sides. 

But truthfully speaking, would you agree with me in saying that spending that amount of money is way too much? Those who are financially well-off will have no complaints about it I guess, provided that it will effectively revitalize their scalp and make their hair grow back again. 

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