What Should Spill Kits Contain?

Spill kitsWhether on a large or small range, when a spill happens, you should be all set to jump right into the action. But are you and your personnel prepared to react to a spill if or when it happens?

A spill set is an all-in-one container that shops equipment and devices utilized for tidying up harmful material spills. Common materials inside a spill kit are sorbents, PPE, as well as other clean-up materials.

The guidelines specify that firms that handle unsafe materials should have the ideal spill sets prepared as a preventive procedure. If a harsh chemical were to splash, a kit like this will undoubtedly permit workers to much better contain and control it.

Various Kinds of Spill Kits

Spill kits are normally broken down into three classifications: primary function, hazmat, and oil. Business proprietors must recognize their specific needs before selecting a set thoroughly.

While a basic objective package might suffice for some businesses, others might need a hazmat kit.

General-Purpose Kits

As its name suggests, this kind of spill package is developed for water-based liquids and hydrocarbons.

General-purpose kits are made with gray absorbents, thus making them efficient for cleaning up oils and water.

Oil-Only Kits

This type of spill kit includes white absorbents and is developed to clean up hydrocarbons such as fuel and oil.

The absorbents discovered in this kit should be hydrophobic, and that means that they resist and float on water for much more reliable clean-up contact with the hydrocarbons.

Hazmat Kits

The next type of spill set is a hazmat kit. This is made for spills entailing very harsh acids and solvents.

Hazmat spill sets contain yellow-colored absorbents for handling dangerous chemicals.


The same components of a spill kit would vary depending on the particular version you choose; nonetheless, there are numerous key items found in the majority of sets. Among the most standard components discovered in spill sets consist of:

  • Security goggles
  • Handwear covers
  • Non-reusable bags
  • Absorptive pads
  • Absorptive socks

Choosing the Right Spill Kit

Before buying a new spill containment kit, be sure to check its materials to ensure it’s an adequate match for your company’s requirements. As an example, sets are readily available to take care of every little thing from chemical leaks to blood and even body fluids. After recognizing the chemicals utilized in your office, you could then select the appropriate kind of spill kit.

In addition to the components, you ought to additionally think about the dimension of a spill kit. A bucket-sized spill set is flawlessly fine for smaller working areas, but a larger workspace would require a bigger spill kit.

Spills can be disastrous, as well as even the best, most ready experts can experience accidents. Make sure you’re prepared to deal with any spill with the appropriate strategy, training, and products.