How to Properly Maintain your Swim Spa with Australian Spa Parts?

pool and spaThere is more to a swim spa with Australian spa parts than just being a pool of water. If you will look at its health-promoting aspects, you will see that it is a qualified health installation while at the same time also a cardiovascular workout in progress. 

Whatever purpose you have in mind, whether it is for weight management and loss, keeping your body in tip-top shape, or if you just want it for your relaxation needs after a hard day’s grind, a swim or a pool spa is exactly what you need. 

And like any other pool equipment, these kinds of installations require good and proper maintenance so they can last long. Otherwise, you will not get the true value they are supposed to give you. 

We must know what these requirements are first before we make any decision to acquire or buy a unit. Swim spas that are not given proper care and maintenance easily become a health and safety risk. Serious neglect and abandonment this aspect of owning a swim spa calls for expensive repairs eventually. 

Therefore, it is very important that you invest in its maintenance, too. Fortunately, the efforts you exert here will always pay off. If you are seriously planning to acquire your swim spa with Australian spa parts anytime soon, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the fundamental swim spa maintenance as early as today. 

Check the Water

 Even when you are not in the habit of using your swim spa daily or regularly, it is of paramount importance that you at least check out its water every once in a while. Look at the appearance of the water and how it smells. If you notice any irregularity or if there is anything unpleasant about it, we suggest that you take that as an indication of a possible developing problem. Knowing about it as soon as possible allows you to take care of it early.  

Like for instance, issues with your swim spa’s filtration system are easier to get over if you know that the entire system is not yet compromised.  

Pool Water Chemistry

There are a handful of methods and simple devices that should help you out in keeping track of things in a swim spa water such as chlorination, calcium hardness, and pH level. As for the pH level, you must keep this in close range to that of the human eye, which is 7.4. This pH level will help prevent eye irritation in case you want to swim in your swim spa without any kind of eye protection.   

When it comes to chlorine, the ideal level would be 3 parts per million, though the 1 to 5 range will remain safe and acceptable. Calcium hardness, you can have this between 125 to 400 parts per million, with alkalinity at 160 ppm (parts per million). 

Seeing that your swim spa pool water is within these suggested levels for pH, chlorination, and alkalinity will significantly help in making its water safe to swim in. In addition to that, it will keep it’s heating and filtration systems free from early corrosion and deterioration. 

Test Strips

 Test strips are a handy tool. Use them to conveniently monitor your swim spa water chemistry. According to managers of swim spa supplies near me, it is normal for swim spa owners to be challenged in getting balance with everything in this area. However, their best suggestion when you can’t get things right at first is to just focus on chlorination and pH first. 

 As you get on and you gain more experience, you will get the hang of it, and your ability to manage their levels will be improving as well. 

Changing the Water

Proper maintenance of swim spas with Australian spa parts is not complete if you don’t know the best time to drain off its water. Draining water and replacing it should be done after every 3-6 months, depending on the frequency or regularity of use. 

If you keep adding chemical solutions or products to the swim spa water itself, it will run the risk of causing residue buildup on the pool spa’s piping system. If this happens, eventually it will affect the quality of time you spend in it.  

Wrapping Up!

Swim spas are only as great as they can be when they are properly maintained and taken care of. If you own pool equipment of this kind, it is important not to become lax in this area. 

Proper care and maintenance should become your top concern, otherwise, you may be putting on the line not just the quality of its performance but more importantly, you may be putting you and your family’s health and safety in peril.