How Do Spa Suppliers Manager Define Plunge Pools?

Pool and spa warehouse managers want people to understand that the installation of outdoor water entertainment features is not intended solely for expansive garden spaces. Even if you have a very limited amount of space in your backyard, you are still entitled to enjoy the various health-promoting benefits of a swimming pool and spa, and this is made possible by plunge pools. If you know how to spot-on the right features it should have, this type of outdoor water entertainment feature can significantly help with your exercise requirements and rehabilitation concerns.

But what exactly is a plunge pool? What makes this type of outdoor water entertainment installation distinct from other types of swimming pools? This type of hydro pool feature is making a distinction  from other kinds of swimming pools by the following 3 main elements:

plunge pools


Plunge pools usually come in 2 to 3 metres width and are about 4 to 7 metres in length — if you look at it they are relatively much smaller when compared to the size of a regular swimming pool — however, they are much larger than swim spas. Generally speaking, they don’t come deeper than 1.2 metres, but of course, you can opt and look for a deep-plunge model pool.

There is a sundry of reasons why homemakers, housewives, and property investors would prefer a small-sized backyard pool. Most of the time they veer away from traditional pools and have something to do with the property’s lacking in space, or sometimes owners just want to veer away from the high maintenance and running costs that usually come with much larger pools.

Depending on the amount of space you have left in your backyard, you can install your plunge pool along the side of your house, along the garden walls or fences, or even right inside your home.


The sheer small size of plunge pools does not mean to say that they don’t come with the exciting features we usually enjoy from larger, traditional pools. Their small size is working to their advantage by offering users distinct advantages in as far as hydrotherapy is concerned.

If someone from your household is afflicted by some kind of muscle aches and pains, or you are trying to recuperate from a physical injury — the heaters, the swim jets, and the seats of your plunge pool can transform instantly into a therapeutic hydro spa facility. Its whirlpools and massaging water jets will help your body relax in great comfort. As for the resistance jets, you can take advantage of them to exercise your body while you are swimming in place.


Compared to standard swimming pools, plunge pools come in a wider range of designs. They can come in circles, geometric rectangles, even oval shapes too. Or you can have yours built in a custom shape that you like or prefer. Therefore, you have freedom on design so that it will compliment your outdoor living space.

Aside from flexibility in their form, they are also adaptable to whatever creative landscaping concept or design you have outdoors. Plunge pools are offering users a sundry of beautiful options when it comes to designing or giving their garden retreat a revamped look.

Normally, this type of outdoor water entertainment feature, usually made from fiberglass material or concrete, are built in-ground. There are also options for above-ground hydro pools that are made from durable and strong resin, however they will necessitate also the use of strong bracing.

The material from which your pool is made or built from as well as the type of pool you want to have will have a direct impact on its initial cost, including its ongoing required maintenance work and longevity.