Why is Pool Water Alkalinity Important in Outdoor Spa Sydney?

recreational poolHere are a handful of factors that can affect the alkalinity of the water in your outdoor spa. If you own this kind of recreational pool, you must be aware of this. While recreational pool water chemistry can appear frightening at times, understanding a few fundamental principles can help build your confidence in managing it yourself and ensure everyone in your household is safe and is going to have an enjoyable pool season.

Total Alkalinity, or TA, is a word that pool owners should be familiar with as part of their monthly 4 person spa maintenance. TA is a measure of the pool or spa water’s resistance to pH fluctuations. Total alkalinity is proportional to pH and determines the ability of the pool equipment (in this case, a swim spa) to neutralize acids. In the right range, between 80 ppm all the way up to 150 ppm, TA can significantly help in maintaining a constant pH level.

The TA works as control or buffer. It helps to ensure that your pool water pH remains within the appropriate range. If the TA is way below accepted levels (low alkalinity), it runs the risk of causing pH levels to fluctuate or “bounce”. If such a scenario takes place, it will be detrimental to the water chemistry balance, eventually setting the stage for pool water issues to occur. 

This helps us see the importance of water testing in recreational pool equipment like four-person spas and outdoor-type pool spas. It is an integral part of a pool equipment’s monthly maintenance regimen. 

The ideal levels for TA are anywhere between 80 and 120 parts per million (parts per million). If it comes to your attention that your pool water’s chemistry is out of balance following its water testing, it is imperative that you address the issue before everything else. Subsequently, you can address the pH if necessary.

When the alkalinity level is so low,

If your swim spa pool water total alkalinity is lower than the standard range, the pH runs the risk of changing dramatically with the introduction of a small amount of acid or base. 

The pool water pH measurement decreases at random. If such a scenario takes place, it can cause your pool’s metal fixtures to undergo premature corrosion, staining, or etching of the pool walls. Household members who take a dip in your outdoor spa will also complain about itchy skin and stinging eyes. 

When the alkalinity level is so high,

One of the drawbacks of having an extremely high TA level is that it makes the adjustment of pH extremely difficult. 

High pH causes your pool equipment water to have a cloudy appearance. It also induces scale build-up on pool walls, making your chlorine become ineffective as a sterilizing agent. 

pool maintenance

In addition, your testing will also reveal if the pool needs acid regularly. The use of acid in the pool is a technique to help pull down total alkalinity, but the procedure might take weeks to show positive results and is best managed by an experienced pool caretaker.

It is extremely important to balance alkalinity, or else this can lead to serious repercussions, including damage to your outdoor spa sydney equipment.

Symptoms or complications associated with low TA include the following:

  • Fluctuation of pH levels
  • Pool/spa surface etching or discoloration
  • Premature corrosion of the pool’s components and mechanical system.
  • Wrinkles in the pool liner.

Symptoms or complications associated with elevated TA include the following:

  • Scale development 
  • Cloudy water
  • Difficulty changing pH level/drifts upward

How Do You Clean a Swim Spa for Sale?

For someone who considers themselves as a fitness aficionado and finds soaking himself in water the most enjoyable thing to do in the world, owning the perfect swim spa for sale is a must. But behind all that enthusiasm we have about this seemingly enchanting outdoor water entertainment feature, many of us are wondering if the upkeep or maintenance is a drudgery of sorts.

Various pool and spa warehouses in the country assert that we have a manifold of choices when it comes to swimming spa. With respect to their maintenance features, this aspect would tend to vary considerably. If you are interested in buying yourself a swim spa anytime soon, make sure that you do your homework first and inquire from any spa shop Sydney everything you need to know about the on-going cleaning tasks involved with each model.

To give you a good overview of what to expect in terms of maintaining or cleaning a swim spa, here are some good pointers to review for this.

With regard to buying swim spa models for sale, it is possible that you will need to give it daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance cleaning requirements.

Pool Cleaning
Cleaning Pool


  • You need to keep an eye if the proper water level is maintained. 


  • Monitor the chemical dispenser and top up as necessary. 
  • Take out the skimmer basket for proper cleaning purposes.  
  • Measure the alkalinity and pH levels of the water  
  • Clean any stainless steel controls.  


  • Take out the filter cartridge for soaking in a cleaning solution. After thorough rinsing, allow it to air dry before installing it back to your swim spa. 
  • If you still want to use your swim spa even when the filter cartridge is out for maintenance cleaning, our best recommendation here is to have a secondary or spare filter cartridge instead. So that when the time to clean your original cartridge comes, you can replace it with your spare filter cartridge while it is being cleaned. As a safety reminder, make it a habit to wear protective hand gloves when cleaning them. 

Each quarter of the year, consider draining water from your swim spa by at least a 50% level. As for the tub’s acrylic shell, we suggest that you clean it with a special non-abrasive cleaning agent. Most dealers for Australian spa parts will recommend something you can use that is particularly good for the model and make you bought from them.

History tells us that people from the distant past need to flock to public pools if they want to enjoy and take advantage of the health-promoting benefits of swimming. Nowadays, people from all over the globe agree in saying that there is no work out program yet that can match or rival the exercise value one can obtain from swimming.

Installing an outdoor swim spa in your backyard promotes a no-impact workout activity for your household. Since it involves the use of every muscle group in the human body, swimming as a workout activity is still being seen by many health enthusiasts as holding more value than others.

After all, the upkeep for such an outdoor water entertainment feature is not so taxing to your time and energy. Heeding the cleaning suggestion enlisted above and observing proper maintenance practices for an outdoor swim spa is a breeze.