This New Hair Loss Concealer Treatment for Women Might Be the Answer

Women suffering from female hair loss can turn their attention to hair thickening fibers for help. These hair loss products are not to be considered as a form of treatment because they will not make your hair grow back again. However, they will help camouflage thinning hair in women and baldness for men. Therefore, it is more appropriate to call them as hair loss concealer. 

Hair Thickening Fibres are for Women, Too!

The idea behind these hair loss treatment products is to add more volume and life to your current hair, and this is done with the use of keratin hair fibers. Some manufacturers would offer a wide array of colors for their offered hair fiber products. So that gives their customers the freedom of choice and pick a color that matches their natural hair color. It is crucial to find a hair fiber product that matches your natural hair, otherwise, it would make you look queer. 

How to Use Hair Thickening Fibres? 

You can sprinkle these products directly on top of your hair. As you apply them, they will intertwine with the existing hair strands on your head. They act like magnets in powdery form. By this measure, each strand of your hair will appear fuller and thicker in an instant. The best part about it is that they won’t easily run down and create a stain on the clothes your wearing or your skin. 

Never apply your hair fiber product on damp hair. It will cause clumping of hair strands and will not give you the look that you are looking for. Also, it is not necessary to make use of hair sprays just to secure the hair fibers in place after application. A high-grade hair building product will remain interlaced with your hair strands to their static charge. 

So far, keratin-based hair thickening fibres are the best in this area. They come with a strong inherent static charge, reason why they have a magnetic effect that makes them immediately interlace with hair strands right after you apply them. Keratin is the protein material by which human hair is made from. Naturally, it gives you natural-looking hair after you apply them on thinning areas of your hair.  

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Different Types of Hair Loss Concealers for Easy Treatment

Now that we have learned a great deal about these products, what they are and how they work, the next question in line we have here is how do you find the product that is likely to work best for you? 

Below are the different kinds of hair thinning concealers. You must understand what they are so you can decide which one to use for your needs.  

Spray-On Hair Fiber

When you purchase a spray-type hair loss concealer treatment for women, you get as well a spray applicator. This should help in the even distribution of the hair fibers onto the hair. 

Most of the hair building products of this type are easy and convenient to use, besides the spray feature also allows effective camouflaging of the bald spots on the head.  

Some brands for this type of product makes use of artificial colors and may contain chemicals just so they will match the natural color of the user’s existing hair. There are a few brands whose spray formula would contain a mixture of dyes and fibers to give the user a more satisfying look. 

Powder And Sprinkle Type

It seems to us that loyal patrons of hair thickening fibers prefer the use of powder solids as opposed to the spray formula type. The powder variant, as earlier mentioned, comes with natural static electricity in them, causing them to immediately intertwine with hair strands following their application. Much like the spray type of hair building fiber products, powders will work their magic right away. 

Powder and sprinkle type of hair loss concealers must be applied in generous amounts so that they will give your bald areas a good coverage. As opposed to spray types, powders and sprinkles tend to give the user’s hair more volume and a natural-looking finish. To facilitate ease on the application, the product packaging comes in a shaker container design instead.  


Hair building fiber products are very promising when it comes to offering an instant solution to a man and a woman’s hair loss issues. There is a manifold of products for this market today, and it can be confusing to decide which one of them would work best for your needs. 

In choosing the best type of hair concealer product, always consider keratin-based hair building fiber because they are natural-looking. Aside from the fact that they will not make you look strange, they are longer-lasting, too. 

Veer away from brands that contain chemical compounds like ammonium chloride, preservatives or artificial color. If you happen to have a very sensitive scalp, there is a high chance that it may irritate your scalp.