Can a Pool Spa with Australian Spa Parts Increase Your Home’s Market Value?

After working all day like a dog, nothing can be more rewarding than a relaxing soak in a hot tub made from Australian spa parts and a cold beer in hand. Things are going to get cozier when you have a whole garden oasis to yourself, complete with all the essentials like solar lights, platform deck, and ornamental grasses and ferns. Everything is carefully and meticulously laid out around your hot swim spa, still running like a charm.  

But now you’ve made up your mind that it’s about time to sell your home and offer it up to the property market real soon. However, you can’t help but think if your hideaway, where your swim spa is, will be resonating the same to your potential buyers. 

The million-dollar question now is, would it make more sense if you will sell it separately in the hope of recouping what you paid for it? Or will it make it an accenting feature of your property so that it will fetch a higher selling price? 

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Here is a look at what the expert minds in the real estate industry have to say about selling a residential property with a swim spa:

  • The general interest of the buyer in residential homes with hot tubs.
  • Hot tubs value resale
  • Staging the swim spa with spa highlighting accessories for greater aesthetic value.
  • Options for swim spa removal before the sale.  

How Can a Swim Spa Affect Your Home Selling Price?

In general, there are 2 kinds of the swim spas. The first is the in-ground type, and the second is the free-standing kind with Australian spa parts. The in-ground type is the built-in swim spa, hence the name. This signifies that they are an actual fixture in your property and not movable. 

These pool equipment can come either on their own or package with a pool. Compared to the free-standing varieties of swim spas, the in-ground types are much more challenging to move and haul away. 

As for the free-standing hot tubs, they work or function in much the same way as the above-ground type of swimming pool. The structure itself would be visible, sitting right above the ground, enveloped by a shell. Most of the time this is a platform or an elevated deck.

What is the Seeming Value of In-Ground Hot Tubs?

architectureAs a seasoned professional in the real estate industry myself, and having appraised more than a handful of homes with built-in hot tubs, I can’t figure out exactly how these interesting features can add value on their own. 

I can only come up with a good guess based on my professional experience and background. Interestingly though, the vast majority of residential properties that I handled before have built-in hot tubs of their own, and yet they also have in-ground pools.

From my personal experience, whatever value that an in-ground pool can bring about, it will have some parallelism to an in-ground hot tub. 

If you happen to have installed an in-ground hot tub, it may further enhance your property’s market value, but may not be in the exact way that you expect it would. The odds are high that your property appraiser will qualify it as a good landscaping project, with all the yard and stonework taken into consideration, that is where the value could be measured from.  

Is Your Hot Swim Spa Not Working Okay?  

While it is believed by the experts in the business that free-standing and in-ground tubs may not be able to do so much as far as adding more value to a property is concerned, they tend to detract value instead in case they are not working. 

It will work to the disadvantage of your potential buyers because they will need to haul your swim spa away or they can have it fixed. Either way, they choose, it will cost them significant amounts of money. With that kind of scenario, it will get detracted from the listing price upfront.  

A built-in hot tub that is not working properly will hurt the market value of your home because it is included in your property, hence it is a part of it. But it is a completely different scenario for a free-standing tub unless we consider it an eyesore. In that case, it will get in the way of the overall curb appeal.