What Options Do We Have for Shower Disability Equipment?

handicappedFor many of us who are able-bodied, sinewy, and all – our natural tendency is to take the very idea of enjoying a cool and refreshing shower for granted. In the case of senior people as well as those who have some kind of physical infirmity, bathroom use may not always be that accessible for them — at least to a certain degree.

This is the kind of scenario that necessitates the need for the right kind of disability equipment for them to use

The physical ability to get oneself onto a bathtub and stand on there even for just a couple of minutes can be a big struggle already for the elderly and the disabled. So one can only imagine how difficult things would be like for them when it comes to doing their thing, like taking a shower or bathing themselves. 

It is such a relief to know that we now have several options that senior people and disabled individuals can take advantage of. These offerings are sure to give them a chance to once again appreciate and enjoy a good combination of health and hygiene right inside the comfort of their homes.  

Shower Options for the Disabled

There are 3 ways a refreshing shower bath can be enjoyed these days, one is by installing a walk-in shower, over the bath, or as a part of a wet room. Choosing the type of shower bath to have will be determined by several factors, and these would include the following: 

  • Your physical abilities. This means for how long you can stand under a shower, and if you are capable of lifting either one of your legs over the side of your bath area.

Besides, you also need to take into account how far you can reach so you can determine where the controls should be.  

  • Your bathroom size. How much of your available bathroom space would you allot for your shower area. 
  • The costs related to putting up a shower area. The cheapest option here, so far, would be the over-bath type of shower. As for the most expensive to install, it is going to be an entire wet room set up.   

When trying to decide on what kind of disabled shower option you should take, it should be for the long term also. If you know that your health and physical well-being will be deteriorating in the coming years, would you still be able to get yourself into the bath, say in about 3 – 12 years? 

It is crucial to consider this aspect so that you can prevent yourself from installing a new shower now but you won’t be able to use and enjoy it soon.  

Shower Seats

If you seriously want to install a shower cubicle, we suggest that you consider installing a different kind of disability equipment like shower seats that can be installed alongside the shower floor space. Alternatively, a pull-down seat can be installed instead onto the wall for space-saving features. And to prevent flooding in the shower area, a fixed screen or a shower curtain would be necessary, too.  

Think about installing a custom step to your shower cubicle. If in case you decide so, consider if you will still be manageable for you not only now but in the near future also. Grab rails? Again this added feature would be invaluable for you. 

Wet Rooms

We can look at wet rooms as the ultimate when it comes to accessible showers. In this case, you are going to convert the entire bathroom to create a flat surface that is waterproof and slips resistant. This safety feature makes them ideal for wheelchair users as well as for senior people or those who have some kind of physical infirmity. 

Initially, they would involve more work but a wet room easily creates a suitable space where the elderly and handicapped people can enjoy a refreshing shower safely on their own. Some users may necessitate the use of a hoist, but others can manage without one. 

To make access easier and simple, you can obtain a specialist wheelchair or a shower chair and have them in the wet room.  

Depending on your specific needs, there will always be a corresponding bathroom solution that serves as disability equipment that you can take advantage of.

With respect to the pointers, we demonstrated above, consider things for the long term use if you seriously want to install an accessible shower option in your home.