Make your Site Investigations Quick and Efficient with Australian-Made Geotechnical Drilling Rigs

Geotechnical drilling is a vital component of the site investigation required to ensure that the ground is solid and unyielding for the foundation. That is why specialized drilling equipment such as the geotechnical drilling rigs must be compact, versatile, and capable of performing drilling campaigns even in challenging sites.

The drilling rigs used to accomplish the work will depend upon the project’s specific requirements to get optimum results. This type or classification of drilling equipment capable of penetrating the ground varies in size and capacity. They range from enormous structures that house equipment used to drill oil wells to rigs that are small enough for a single person to move manually.

Moveable drilling rigs can be mounted on a truck or track, while the bigger drilling rigs are more permanent structures.

Advancements in technology and engineering pave the way for more efficient and versatile drilling rigs for various geotechnical investigations faster, easier, and safer.

Here are some examples of efficient and innovative Australian-made drilling equipment that combines hydraulic and mechanical systems designed to meet the client’s needs.

Additionally, these rigs are built tough with quality steels, machined surfaces, and ease of usability.

Australian-Made Geotechnical Drilling Rigs

Vehicle Mounted Hydraulic Drilling Rigs

These specialized drilling rigs, powered by the truck engine or an auxiliary hydraulic unit, are suitable for geotechnical drilling, earthing, and solar and wind farm installations.

The most significant advantage of these truck-mounted drilling rigs is the quick and effective mobilization and installation, making them suitable for drilling operations in challenging environmental conditions.

These types of drilling rigs are equipped with advanced modular hydraulic circuits that allow the installation of a wide range of rotary heads and application-specific accessories such as duplex and triplex pumps, water and mud pumps, compressors, and other options.

These specifications and capabilities clearly represent the reliability, high productivity, and robustness of these machines.

Track Mounted Rigs

These compact-sized hydraulic drilling rigs are mounted on rubber or steel crawler tracks and cover a full scale of geotechnical activities. These activities include soil investigation carried out with destructive and non-destructive coring techniques, in situ penetration tests, sample collection, and other geotechnical instrumentation.

The usage of advanced modular hydraulic circuits on these types of rigs ensures better performance and the installation of a range of rotary heads and hydraulic drifters, thus allowing the machines to operate all rotary drilling, wire-line systems, and coring, D.T.H. hammers, and rotary-percussive.

Also, each piece of equipment can be customized to meet the specific site requirements, including the soil types, and working environments, by adding machine accessories.


If you want to make your geotechnical investigation quick and efficient and with quality and satisfying results, you might want to try these Australian-made drilling rigs.

These innovative and efficient drilling rigs can help complete your geotechnical investigation more quickly, easily, and safely.

Lastly, low impact and easy-to-steer features of these rigs allow for free movement on geotechnical investigation sites with limited access.