The purpose of this page is to educate our site visitors regarding the implemented policies we have on the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Identifiable Information should anyone choose to use our offered service.

If you decide to give our offering a try, then you are automatically volunteering your consent to us to collect and use your Personal Identifiable Information with respect to this policy.

Collected Personal Identifiable Information will be utilized only for providing and for improving our offered Services. We are not in the habit of using or sharing your information with any third party.


We put the highest value in the trust you are giving us by volunteering to us your Personal Identifiable Information. This explains the reason why we are resorting to the use of commercially acceptable methods for the purpose of securing and protecting it. However, we cannot fully guarantee that your transmitted data over the Internet would be 100% secure and reliable. 

Links to Other Sites

The Service offerings we have at the moment may be linked to a couple of other websites. Clicking on a third party link will directly take you to that particular site. Please understand that we don’t have any control or in any way operate those sites. Therefore, we highly recommend that you consider reviewing first their own Privacy Policy in relation to your own online security.

If they are a third party linking to us, know that we don’t have any amount of control over them. This signifies we are not assuming any responsibility for the content they have on their site, their practices, or even their privacy policies.