Why is Pool Water Alkalinity Important in Outdoor Spa Sydney?

recreational poolHere are a handful of factors that can affect the alkalinity of the water in your outdoor spa. If you own this kind of recreational pool, you must be aware of this. While recreational pool water chemistry can appear frightening at times, understanding a few fundamental principles can help build your confidence in managing it yourself and ensure everyone in your household is safe and is going to have an enjoyable pool season.

Total Alkalinity, or TA, is a word that pool owners should be familiar with as part of their monthly 4 person spa maintenance. TA is a measure of the pool or spa water’s resistance to pH fluctuations. Total alkalinity is proportional to pH and determines the ability of the pool equipment (in this case, a swim spa) to neutralize acids. In the right range, between 80 ppm all the way up to 150 ppm, TA can significantly help in maintaining a constant pH level.

The TA works as control or buffer. It helps to ensure that your pool water pH remains within the appropriate range. If the TA is way below accepted levels (low alkalinity), it runs the risk of causing pH levels to fluctuate or “bounce”. If such a scenario takes place, it will be detrimental to the water chemistry balance, eventually setting the stage for pool water issues to occur. 

This helps us see the importance of water testing in recreational pool equipment like four-person spas and outdoor-type pool spas. It is an integral part of a pool equipment’s monthly maintenance regimen. 

The ideal levels for TA are anywhere between 80 and 120 parts per million (parts per million). If it comes to your attention that your pool water’s chemistry is out of balance following its water testing, it is imperative that you address the issue before everything else. Subsequently, you can address the pH if necessary.

When the alkalinity level is so low,

If your swim spa pool water total alkalinity is lower than the standard range, the pH runs the risk of changing dramatically with the introduction of a small amount of acid or base. 

The pool water pH measurement decreases at random. If such a scenario takes place, it can cause your pool’s metal fixtures to undergo premature corrosion, staining, or etching of the pool walls. Household members who take a dip in your outdoor spa will also complain about itchy skin and stinging eyes. 

When the alkalinity level is so high,

One of the drawbacks of having an extremely high TA level is that it makes the adjustment of pH extremely difficult. 

High pH causes your pool equipment water to have a cloudy appearance. It also induces scale build-up on pool walls, making your chlorine become ineffective as a sterilizing agent. 

pool maintenance

In addition, your testing will also reveal if the pool needs acid regularly. The use of acid in the pool is a technique to help pull down total alkalinity, but the procedure might take weeks to show positive results and is best managed by an experienced pool caretaker.

It is extremely important to balance alkalinity, or else this can lead to serious repercussions, including damage to your outdoor spa sydney equipment.

Symptoms or complications associated with low TA include the following:

  • Fluctuation of pH levels
  • Pool/spa surface etching or discoloration
  • Premature corrosion of the pool’s components and mechanical system.
  • Wrinkles in the pool liner.

Symptoms or complications associated with elevated TA include the following:

  • Scale development 
  • Cloudy water
  • Difficulty changing pH level/drifts upward

How to Tell When Your Swim Spa Is Just Too Old to Repair, According to a Pool and Spa Warehouse Manager?

swim spaSwim spas are designed to last a very long time. But we are not asserting you can have them in perpetuity, though. Like everything else, from the words of pool and spa warehouse managers themselves, swim spas and similar pool equipment are susceptible to the usual wear and tear, too. 

This brings us to this important question here now, how do we know that our swim spa is in dire need of a fix or repair? When is the best time to have a pool technician in and have a look at it? 

 The rule of thumb here is, your swim spa is just way too old to be repaired if it necessitates a handful of fixes and repairs. Does your pool equipment have any major leak? Did your attention fail to notice that shell crack on your swim spa but now has escalated to a major structural concern? 

 If your pool equipment or swim spa is suffering simultaneously from 2 or more of the said issues, the course of action to take is to have it replaced instead right away. 

 Slight or minor leakages triggered by a damaged seal or gasket can still get fixed, but if the leak in question is draining your swim spa way faster than it could fill to the brim, it is another story altogether. Bear in mind that trying to figure out where could be the possible source of the leak is enough of a problem already. 

If your pool equipment has a broken shell or now comes with a shattered frame, situations are bound to become a little more complex and difficult.

A busted shell generally requires a total revamp, and even then, there is no surefire assurance that you can get your swim spa back to its former glory and working condition anytime soon. 

In a similar vein, if your swim spa frame is damaged or cracked, there is no other way to go but to replace it.

Replacement parts are no longer available because they’ve all been phased out. 

If finding replacement parts for your pool equipment becomes a bit of a challenge, take that as a clue that your swim spa may just be too old to keep. Generally, pool equipment like a swim spa can be expected to last anywhere between 10 to 15 years max.

Now, due to advances in technology and engineering, there are a handful of swim spa models that are unveiled every couple of years. This is the reason why some pool spa models become obsolete after a few years’ time. 

swimming pool

The cost of getting your swim spa fixed is more expensive than getting yourself a new one. 

 Seeing that swim spa are a major financial investment, it is normal to feel that it is a tough call decision of whether you are going for some repairs or if you are going to buy a new unit instead. This is the best time to let the numbers do the talking for you.  

Sit down and determine how much it might cost you to get your old pool equipment or swim spa fixed versus buying/acquiring a brand new one.

Determine if a newer and more updated model can save you money in the long run by virtue of minimal maintenance costs, with power-saving features, and, lastly, but more importantly, a better warranty offer.

 Garner your data based on the criterion indicated above and from there come up with a decision based on your findings.  

Your pool equipment is a decade old, then you need to be ready for an upgrade. 

 As mentioned earlier, newly unveiled swim spa equipment on the market is far better designed and comes packed with sanitary and energy-saving capabilities. Such features can save you money in the long run.

 According to the majority of pool and spa warehouse managers we talked to before, if your swim spa is decade-old pool equipment with persisting problems, take that as a telltale sign that it is indeed nearing the expiration of its useful life. Soon enough, you need to retire your pool spa and look for a better and upgraded version instead. 


Can a Pool Spa with Australian Spa Parts Increase Your Home’s Market Value?

After working all day like a dog, nothing can be more rewarding than a relaxing soak in a hot tub made from Australian spa parts and a cold beer in hand. Things are going to get cozier when you have a whole garden oasis to yourself, complete with all the essentials like solar lights, platform deck, and ornamental grasses and ferns. Everything is carefully and meticulously laid out around your hot swim spa, still running like a charm.  

But now you’ve made up your mind that it’s about time to sell your home and offer it up to the property market real soon. However, you can’t help but think if your hideaway, where your swim spa is, will be resonating the same to your potential buyers. 

The million-dollar question now is, would it make more sense if you will sell it separately in the hope of recouping what you paid for it? Or will it make it an accenting feature of your property so that it will fetch a higher selling price? 

interior design

Here is a look at what the expert minds in the real estate industry have to say about selling a residential property with a swim spa:

  • The general interest of the buyer in residential homes with hot tubs.
  • Hot tubs value resale
  • Staging the swim spa with spa highlighting accessories for greater aesthetic value.
  • Options for swim spa removal before the sale.  

How Can a Swim Spa Affect Your Home Selling Price?

In general, there are 2 kinds of the swim spas. The first is the in-ground type, and the second is the free-standing kind with Australian spa parts. The in-ground type is the built-in swim spa, hence the name. This signifies that they are an actual fixture in your property and not movable. 

These pool equipment can come either on their own or package with a pool. Compared to the free-standing varieties of swim spas, the in-ground types are much more challenging to move and haul away. 

As for the free-standing hot tubs, they work or function in much the same way as the above-ground type of swimming pool. The structure itself would be visible, sitting right above the ground, enveloped by a shell. Most of the time this is a platform or an elevated deck.

What is the Seeming Value of In-Ground Hot Tubs?

architectureAs a seasoned professional in the real estate industry myself, and having appraised more than a handful of homes with built-in hot tubs, I can’t figure out exactly how these interesting features can add value on their own. 

I can only come up with a good guess based on my professional experience and background. Interestingly though, the vast majority of residential properties that I handled before have built-in hot tubs of their own, and yet they also have in-ground pools.

From my personal experience, whatever value that an in-ground pool can bring about, it will have some parallelism to an in-ground hot tub. 

If you happen to have installed an in-ground hot tub, it may further enhance your property’s market value, but may not be in the exact way that you expect it would. The odds are high that your property appraiser will qualify it as a good landscaping project, with all the yard and stonework taken into consideration, that is where the value could be measured from.  

Is Your Hot Swim Spa Not Working Okay?  

While it is believed by the experts in the business that free-standing and in-ground tubs may not be able to do so much as far as adding more value to a property is concerned, they tend to detract value instead in case they are not working. 

It will work to the disadvantage of your potential buyers because they will need to haul your swim spa away or they can have it fixed. Either way, they choose, it will cost them significant amounts of money. With that kind of scenario, it will get detracted from the listing price upfront.  

A built-in hot tub that is not working properly will hurt the market value of your home because it is included in your property, hence it is a part of it. But it is a completely different scenario for a free-standing tub unless we consider it an eyesore. In that case, it will get in the way of the overall curb appeal.  

Why It’s Beneficial to Have a Plastic Shower Chair at Home?

mobility aidFor the disabled or persons afflicted by their disabilities, shower time is a serious matter. Unlike us, able-bodied souls, taking a bath or shower is not a simple task for them to do. At times, it takes a lot of effort for them to do it which can be physically taxing at the same time. 

Some of us even think that bathing and showering as one of the ways to relax after a hard day’s grind. But for those who have physical infirmities or those who happen to have a frail body like the elderly, taking a shower sometimes feels downright terrifying.

If you are physically challenged, just the sheer thought of accidental falls or getting bumps and bruises during a shower or bath could end them up in a hospital bed. Hence, they resort to dreading to do this simple task. 

So instead of putting one’s health in harm’s way, you might want to take a look at these practical reasons why owning a plastic shower chair inside your home is a good idea.   

Increases your safety when taking a bath or shower. 

If you are physically challenged and dread taking a shower or a bath on your own if you want to allay your fears and worries a shower chair could help. The fear of accidental falls inside the bathroom may just be on your mind, but to some, it is more than enough to petrify them. A convenient shower chair can significantly help in putting your mind at ease.  

A heavy-duty shower chair can increase your safety inside the bathroom by mitigating the likelihood of accidental falls during bath time. This is made possible by providing users a protected, secure space inside the slippery shower area. 

Hygiene is always crucial, to everyone. 

To people who are aware that they have limited mobility, traveling is something they will always try to veer away from. But the truth is, they can’t avoid doing so all the time. When it is inevitable for them to go out to wherever they have to bear with it.  

Lucky for those who happen to have their plastic shower chair because they can bring it along with them if they need to go out and travel. 

Sure thing that hotels, inns, and lodging houses can provide them to you upon request, but the underlying question is how clean and hygienic are they? Would it be good enough to support your body weight? Would you be willing to put your health and well-being on the line here?

We should start looking at shower chairs as an individual piece of equipment, much like how mobile phones are. If you will use personal equipment of this kind that is not your own, you tend to question if it is safe to use or if it is clean and hygienic enough. Whereas if you own one yourself, there is no question in mind about its safety or whatnot. 

bathroom equipment

The last thing that you would want for yourself is not to get yourself infected with bacteria from another person, right? Especially now that we are still plagued by the Covid 19 pandemic, we can only do so much to protect ourselves. 

Improves your sense of independence

There are a handful of shower chair types that can be taken advantage of. But the bottom line here is, despite the manifold choices we have, all of them offer users the same amount of independence and that is to be on their own in the bath or shower area. 

For persons with limited mobility, this level of independence can mean the world to them. It empowers them. It gives them a sense of fulfillment when they can still do the things they used to do on their own.  

Wrapping up!

If you happen to have limited mobility, it is of prime importance not to put your overall health and well-being in harm’s way. We suggest that you obtain a plastic shower chair with arms in your home and make it part of your convenience equipment, ready for use at any time that you need to. 


Essential Things to Consider for Your Office Furniture in Alexandria

The place of work is an area just where people spend the majority of their time every day. This is precisely why for business owners, nearly all of them are more likely to invest on furniture for the office of theirs. These parts of office furniture in Alexandria have an immensely valuable role in the office space since it also reveals the kind of workplace environment.

When you are preparing to grow the business of yours and have the own work space of its, below are the important elements for one to take into consideration in selecting furniture for the office:

Choosing Your Office Furniture Alexandria

1. Meeting Room

meeting room
meeting room

Be watchful of the capability that the office of yours can accommodate as well as take note of the area that each furniture will require. You will be requiring a great table as well as chairs (depending on just how many people you wish to have inside) for the meeting room of yours. Do not be scared to use styles in case you wish to, it is great to add a bit of spice to the meeting room of yours. It is vital that a conference room has much more room so your clients or employees will be calm inside.

2. Clean-Looking Furniture

For an experienced appearance, select furniture which are clean and sleek. Additionally, purchase those that are not hard to maintain, to ensure that it is going to save you the trouble of investing a lot of repairs.

3. Chairs and Desks

Chairs and desks are most likely what each office area has. This is exactly where all works are accomplished through the day. When it comes to picking a chair, you must think about both comfort as well as durability. Choose a chair which has a backrest, seat that is wide, has a flexible level and will not easily break or even bend.

When it concerns the desk, you want the one which has the proper amount of room to do the work of yours. A desk must perfectly install the computers along with other vital things in the work area of yours.

4. Colors

Styles can provide a lift to everyone’s mood and get rid of stress. Having colors that are neutral for your business design is not bad, though it might be a bit dull. Add a few colors which will match your business style. Cool and vibrant colors carry excitement vibes to everybody in the workplace.

With the ambiance of the office area, a great idea to note is placing several furniture near the windows. Sunlight is a huge factor when doing a job since energy is given by it.

5. Furniture for the Pantry

Having appropriate tables and chairs in which the employees of yours can rest and eat the lunch of theirs and snacks is crucial. Add a little decor inside the pantry as paintings or even try putting a houseplant on the countertop to really make it appear homier.

Who plans on buying pieces of furniture can easily be enjoyable and stressful at the same time, though it is going to be advantageous for everyone? You can always select the useful ones but try adding some kick to it. The important thing to furnish your office is just how you as well as your employees are cozy so that everybody is going to be excited to work and feel as it is a second home.

How to Go About in Styling a House for Sale During Pandemic?

Paramount to selling your home in no time at a premium price is a house offered to the property market with a tastefully-styled indoor space. This is the main reason why most of the time real estate agents would recommend to homeowners that they employ the help of a professional home stylist for two purposes. One for in-person showings and two, for online listing photos. 

But there is no denying the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed so many things around us, almost in a jiffy.

Understandably, home sellers these days will not want to take the risk of making any nonessential contact, even by enlisting the services of a professional home stylist. Doing so will mean to say they are likely to move your belongings around. Or sometimes they would even take a piece of furniture outside to make way for another decor or an accent piece that will help enhance your indoor space’s aesthetic appeal. 

And while you’d naturally want to put a limit to the number of potential buyers that you will grant access to your house for an in-person showing activity, this should not be construed that you can’t have the staging part. 

Due to the COVID-19 scare, home sellers are more likely to favor less intrusion to their property that they opt not to enlist the help of a professional home stager. Some would resort to taking on a DIY styling approach instead. For this, they will try to make the most of whatever items they have at home, or in the absence or lacking something they need they would make a purchase. 

How Home Stylists Today are Adopting to the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you are one of those home sellers who wanted to sell the home they are occupying but don’t have so much trust if their artistic eye would be good enough to stage their house, help is available. In unsettling times like what we have now, professional home stylists, much like everyone else, are making necessary adjustments to their business models so that a greater number of property sellers will still have access to a professional eye, even if just from a safe distance.

styling a house for sale during pandemic 

A handful of professional home stylists have set up dedicated virtual staging appointments using online applications such as FaceTime and Zoom, which is much better as opposed to having an in-person meeting. This gives home sellers a chance to give their hired home stylist a walkthrough of the home they want to sell and determine the level of staging help a particular room would require. 

In addition to this, the virtual tour of a home will also give the home stylist a chance to identify items and furnishings the homeowner may already have that can be utilized also either as a backdrop, as an accent piece in the bar area, or as a home staging furniture in the living room. Hence, eliminating the need to look for something to rent out or buy from a store for home staging furniture. 

After this, your enlisted pro stagers can set out to come up with their detailed recommendations and suggestions as far as getting your home indoor space ready for the property market is concerned. This may include altering your furniture orientation and arrangement, coming up with a list of furniture/accent pieces to buy or rent, or creating vignettes with your home’s currently existing objects.  

The cost of property staging, virtual staging or online consultation that is, will be based or depend upon the amount of preparation needed as well as the sheer size of the home that needed to be worked on. 

On average, the range of the cost would be anything between $500 to $1000. Such virtual consultations are worth a ton of value since it will entitle you to receive professional advice and a look for your home that you would not have been able to style on your own.

How Do Spa Suppliers Manager Define Plunge Pools?

Pool and spa warehouse managers want people to understand that the installation of outdoor water entertainment features is not intended solely for expansive garden spaces. Even if you have a very limited amount of space in your backyard, you are still entitled to enjoy the various health-promoting benefits of a swimming pool and spa, and this is made possible by plunge pools. If you know how to spot-on the right features it should have, this type of outdoor water entertainment feature can significantly help with your exercise requirements and rehabilitation concerns.

But what exactly is a plunge pool? What makes this type of outdoor water entertainment installation distinct from other types of swimming pools? This type of hydro pool feature is making a distinction  from other kinds of swimming pools by the following 3 main elements:

plunge pools


Plunge pools usually come in 2 to 3 metres width and are about 4 to 7 metres in length — if you look at it they are relatively much smaller when compared to the size of a regular swimming pool — however, they are much larger than swim spas. Generally speaking, they don’t come deeper than 1.2 metres, but of course, you can opt and look for a deep-plunge model pool.

There is a sundry of reasons why homemakers, housewives, and property investors would prefer a small-sized backyard pool. Most of the time they veer away from traditional pools and have something to do with the property’s lacking in space, or sometimes owners just want to veer away from the high maintenance and running costs that usually come with much larger pools.

Depending on the amount of space you have left in your backyard, you can install your plunge pool along the side of your house, along the garden walls or fences, or even right inside your home.


The sheer small size of plunge pools does not mean to say that they don’t come with the exciting features we usually enjoy from larger, traditional pools. Their small size is working to their advantage by offering users distinct advantages in as far as hydrotherapy is concerned.

If someone from your household is afflicted by some kind of muscle aches and pains, or you are trying to recuperate from a physical injury — the heaters, the swim jets, and the seats of your plunge pool can transform instantly into a therapeutic hydro spa facility. Its whirlpools and massaging water jets will help your body relax in great comfort. As for the resistance jets, you can take advantage of them to exercise your body while you are swimming in place.


Compared to standard swimming pools, plunge pools come in a wider range of designs. They can come in circles, geometric rectangles, even oval shapes too. Or you can have yours built in a custom shape that you like or prefer. Therefore, you have freedom on design so that it will compliment your outdoor living space.

Aside from flexibility in their form, they are also adaptable to whatever creative landscaping concept or design you have outdoors. Plunge pools are offering users a sundry of beautiful options when it comes to designing or giving their garden retreat a revamped look.

Normally, this type of outdoor water entertainment feature, usually made from fiberglass material or concrete, are built in-ground. There are also options for above-ground hydro pools that are made from durable and strong resin, however they will necessitate also the use of strong bracing.

The material from which your pool is made or built from as well as the type of pool you want to have will have a direct impact on its initial cost, including its ongoing required maintenance work and longevity.

Best Features to Look for in a LED Strip Light

Versatile and user-friendly are among the most often associated features of a LED strip light which are sought out nearly all by those that want to generate expert light setups. The program range of the fittings is essentially unparalleled and such is because of design.

led strip light features

LED Strip Light Features


Generally being sold by meter, the LED tapes easily adapt and work on 12 volts and could be snipped at virtually any measure hence making them very versatile when compared with other types of lighting counterparts. Unlike fluorescent bulbs or halogens, Led is less expensive to run as they only utilize a percentage of power while still creating the very same degree of illumination.


LED light strips are available in two leading variations; Color Changing Single Color and RGB lights lighting. Like regular bulbs in LED, cool gray, and bright cream, on the additional hand light strips which change color permit drivers to make a range of ambiance capabilities at a simple press of the switch.

Brightness Levels

Lighting strips are discovered in a range of brightness levels, there are subtle lighting outputs for domestic and smaller uses and surprisingly bright lighting levels for the business use. The number and the size of LED potato chips in a lighting strip would figure out the illumination amount in the fitting. On the other hand, 3258, as well as 5050, are the two leading sizes of chips accessible. LED strips are available with backings that are self-adhesive to be able to make the installation process easy and direct.


Because they’re low voltage strip lighting effects they require a driver. Such may be when compared to the MR16 spotlights which use transformers to correct the LED voltage demands. Needless to say, the transformer also works well as a power supply though it must be the appropriate capability to be able to help the gentle strip powering.


Strip lighting in LED is usually used to create lighting which is possibly subtle or hidden since they’re concealable and are able to fit almost any small space which not one other fitting could reach. Layering is the outcome that results in the setting up of LED strips in spaces that are narrow; this setup creates a remarkable mood. One particular case is a wall-mounted underneath lighting effects in kitchen cabinetry. Such a method gives both tasks light functioning in addition to visual appeal. Additionally, they work great as furniture additions, stair properly, coppicing, and coving.


Shock-proof and water-proof IP ranked coatings also create the lighting strips well designed for use in outdoor places, toilets, and other places that require lighting but could be open to moisture. Gardens gain from the illumination that LED strips are able to pay for pathways, trellises, steps, and patios.

The list and hospitality industry have created the usage of LED strip light really popular. Both industries have also found the advantages that this particular kind of lighting can provide the businesses. Affordable lighting and high quality that performs well beyond the conventional lighting alternatives on the market have made this type of lighting such a big hit.

The Advantages Offered by Furniture Hire Services

Furniture hire services may not be a familiar concept for many people most especially for Asians. People from this region of the world prefer to own the furnishings they have over renting.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of benefits to enjoy when you rent furniture, either for your home or office. This is especially true in the case of property investors. They’re the ones who usually put more emphasis on convenience over hassles.

office furniture rental

Property tenants will also find these kinds of arrangements beneficial to them since what they usually seek most of the time are temporary furnishing solutions, not to own. 

What we have below is a compilation of the top benefits you are likely to enjoy after enlisting the help and services of furniture hire companies. Hopefully, these points will help you to have new perspectives on furniture rentals. 

1. Convenience and Move-in Ready

Convenience is at the top position of our list. So, we have a lot of valid reasons why convenience is among the most important benefits of furniture rental. Furniture and relocation rentals let you move into your new abode almost instantly. It is because if we will avail this service, we’ll have readily available furniture in no time.

Expats who are anticipating shipment of their furniture items from overseas can just opt to lease out items being offered on relocation rentals. It will significantly help in easing out the transition from the very moment they stepped into their new home fully furnished already with rental furniture. With this, they can get settled in no time, and get to their work hassle-free.

 2. Cost-Effective

Needless to say, the global economy we have today is more challenging than it has been in many past decades. Normally, this induces a surge in international employee transfers causing a spike in the number of employees and the organizations they are from to lease out homes, apartments, and other similar housing units. Such is a very convenient, cost-effective alternative they take, most especially with the kind of volatile economy we have these days.

This is in complete contrast to settling expats in hotels and temporary apartments, which is becoming even more expensive compared to renting housing units for them. With this scenario in mind, it is easy to understand how furniture hire rental services can help enhance your home renting experience.  

3. Rent to Own Model

An awful lot of home staging furniture firms in the country are offering Rent-to-Own schemes for their offered furniture rental packages. This signifies that by the end of your lease period, you are given the liberty to take advantage of owning the leased furnishings by virtue of a lease buyback scheme.

So, if you are a tenant and you are contemplating on the idea of extending the lease contract for some valid and good reasons, it makes more sense if you will just buy over the furniture instead of having them again on a lease agreement.

In Conclusion

To wrap up everything, furniture hire offerings are a cost-effective and convenient way to have a fully furnished home or office without having the intention of keeping them for a long time. Landlords, businesses, and tenants can save a huge amount of capital outlay when they avail of this kind of option.

For the environment-conscious individuals, this flexible service is not likely to put nature in harm’s in such a way that it puts a stop to our contribution to the surmounting furniture waste going to our environment. Hence, some of the good reasons why it is practical and we just love it.