Best Features to Look for in a LED Strip Light

Versatile and user-friendly are among the most often associated features of a LED strip light which are sought out nearly all by those that want to generate expert light setups. The program range of the fittings is essentially unparalleled and such is because of design.

led strip light features

LED Strip Light Features


Generally being sold by meter, the LED tapes easily adapt and work on 12 volts and could be snipped at virtually any measure hence making them very versatile when compared with other types of lighting counterparts. Unlike fluorescent bulbs or halogens, Led is less expensive to run as they only utilize a percentage of power while still creating the very same degree of illumination.


LED light strips are available in two leading variations; Color Changing Single Color and RGB lights lighting. Like regular bulbs in LED, cool gray, and bright cream, on the additional hand light strips which change color permit drivers to make a range of ambiance capabilities at a simple press of the switch.

Brightness Levels

Lighting strips are discovered in a range of brightness levels, there are subtle lighting outputs for domestic and smaller uses and surprisingly bright lighting levels for the business use. The number and the size of LED potato chips in a lighting strip would figure out the illumination amount in the fitting. On the other hand, 3258, as well as 5050, are the two leading sizes of chips accessible. LED strips are available with backings that are self-adhesive to be able to make the installation process easy and direct.


Because they’re low voltage strip lighting effects they require a driver. Such may be when compared to the MR16 spotlights which use transformers to correct the LED voltage demands. Needless to say, the transformer also works well as a power supply though it must be the appropriate capability to be able to help the gentle strip powering.


Strip lighting in LED is usually used to create lighting which is possibly subtle or hidden since they’re concealable and are able to fit almost any small space which not one other fitting could reach. Layering is the outcome that results in the setting up of LED strips in spaces that are narrow; this setup creates a remarkable mood. One particular case is a wall-mounted underneath lighting effects in kitchen cabinetry. Such a method gives both tasks light functioning in addition to visual appeal. Additionally, they work great as furniture additions, stair properly, coppicing, and coving.


Shock-proof and water-proof IP ranked coatings also create the lighting strips well designed for use in outdoor places, toilets, and other places that require lighting but could be open to moisture. Gardens gain from the illumination that LED strips are able to pay for pathways, trellises, steps, and patios.

The list and hospitality industry have created the usage of LED strip light really popular. Both industries have also found the advantages that this particular kind of lighting can provide the businesses. Affordable lighting and high quality that performs well beyond the conventional lighting alternatives on the market have made this type of lighting such a big hit.