Non Slip Shower Tiles: What Makes Ceramic the Best Choice

When you are starting out on a bathroom redesign and wondering exactly where to begin with regards to decorating your floors and walls, say hello to ceramic. This extremely popular content is utilized in bathrooms across the world because of a winning combination of aesthetic and practical advantages – and today, we are taking a glimpse at only several of the numerous factors that ceramic tiles are right in your own home in the bathroom.

Non Slip Shower Tiles: Ceramic as The Choice

anti slip tilesThey are waterproof Water resistance is a crucial quality when you are looking at bathroom tiles, thanks to the humid and wet natural conditions related to that area of the building. Luckily, glazed ceramic tiles boast a useful appropriate layer which means they are impervious to both stains and water. This can prove to be a nice advantage when the bathroom floor gets damp, once the room turns into steamy following a bath or maybe shower, and when washing your bathroom walls or maybe floors with water and soap.

They are resilient

Unlike some kinds of tile, ceramic as your choice for non slip shower tiles means that your floors are incredibly durable and very unlikely to crack as a consequence of daily use and tear. With expertly installed as well as maintained tiles lasting for ten or even twenty years, it is no surprise ceramic is such a favorite material when you are looking at bathroom floor tiles. Better yet, changing a single tile is a simple process, should one of your tiles end up cracked for any purpose.

They are low maintenance

Ceramic tiles do not need a lot in the method of TLC as a result of their easy-to-clean nature. Just wipe away or mop up liquids, grime along with other stains in just a few seconds. Like kitchens, toilets are especially susceptible to spillages and stains, making low maintenance floor tiles a high concern for active homeowners desiring to always keep their bathroom looking gorgeous without the hassle.

They are cheap

Compared to other tile substances, for example porcelain, ceramic provides an inexpensive option which does not compromise on practicality or style – but in which it’s very cost-effective is in the long term benefit it brings to the bathroom. The durability of ceramic bathroom floor flooring much more than justifies the original price of the tiles and the installation of theirs – and as tile is able to truly boost a home’s resale value, you can even notice an exciting return on the investment in ceramic tile.

Design choices are limitless

From shape and size to finish and color, there is a wide spectrum of style choices offered with ceramic tile. Our range includes colors such as wood look, shiny cream, metro brick, and encaustic effect (plus much more), making it effortless for every property owner to find bathroom tiles that perfectly complement their current color scheme and style theme.

A slippery flooring can be unsafe for the other and elderly people as it raises the chance of cuts or even accidental goes in the bathroom. All the above-mentioned flooring choices are perfect for any bathroom since they improve safety by making the floor slip resistance. Nevertheless, probably the best choice for the bathroom is going to depend on the budget and lifestyle preferences. It’s also essential to think about the amount of slip resistance since some flooring solutions will provide greater traction.

Anti Slip Tiles and Other Slip Resistant Options

Slips and trips happen in all businesses and are among the most popular causes of workplace injuries. In most cases, the floor surface is a significant factor in the scene: floors might be uneven, dirty or wet; mats or carpeting may be inappropriate, lose or damaged. By being aware of what kind of flooring would prevent slips and trips and is perfectly suited to the requirements of an agency will help lessen injuries. This has led to the popularity of anti slip tiles and other flooring options.

The majority of the flooring is comparatively slip-resistant when dry. Nevertheless, any contaminates —dust, oil, water, or solvents — could considerably decrease the non-slip efficiency. Traction is also very much reduced when a surface, like concrete, vinyl, and timber, has been refined. Worn exteriors, which are especially a challenge with steel and concrete, will boost slipperiness. Generally, the darker a surface is, the more slip-resistant it is.

anti slip tiles options

Anti Slip Tiles and Other Choices for your Flooring

Tiles and Mats

Anti-slip mats and slip-resistant tiles, which may be intertwined to fit together during fitting, are usually made of PVC and rubber have a grit surface of a hard material, such as silicon carbide. Traction might be heightened by the use of ribbed, knobbed, corrugated top surfaces — valuable in workplaces, like food processing plants, where they’re so much grease in the environment.

Step Coverings and Floors

Non-slip surfaces could be created on flat pavements through the use of layers. These can be tailored to fit various area widths and lengths and are affixed to the substrate by adhesives or mechanical fasteners. The gritted exterior ranges from very coarse through fine to very fine.

Floor coverings are commonly used in gas and oil, food processing and transportation, as well as in oil and chemical refining facilities.


Coatings for anti-slip floor or the use of paints are particularly suitable to large areas and are utilized onto traditional floorings, such as wood, concrete, and metal. They give considerable traction and are frequently used in factory, industrial, and warehouse workplaces, where work boots are used and there is pallet-truck or forklift traffic. Coatings, that can be used on both interior and exterior exteriors, create a noticeable, and textured surface. They may be colored or clear.


Treatments could be used where street shoes are worn. They are usually applied to hard surfaces that become exceptionally slippery when they get wet. Common functions are granite, ceramic, terrazzo, and vinyl, as well as porcelain and concrete tile. The coating raises the COF and so does the traction of the floor.

With treatments, the floor maintains its original look. This makes them an appealing option for organizations and businesses that serve the public, like offices, stores, banks, hotels, schools, governments and transit.


The big benefit of anti-slip tapes is they could be installed on irregular surfaces. Tapes come in various lengths and widths and in varying grit strengths and sizes, are often used on scaffolding planks and construction sites. They are particularly useful on wheelchair ramps, ladder rungs, stairs, truck running boards, and shower areas. Tapes are economical, quick-fix yet must be replaced or repaired on a consistent basis.

Keeping the workplace safe is a must and it is a good thing there are various options we can choose from to guarantee the safety of everyone.